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About Zedco PH

How do I know you're a real company?

Do you have a physical store?

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How can I buy your products?

How do I get bulk discounts?

Can you send me a quotation?

Are the prices here per piece or per pack?

The smallest packaging variant of the product I need is out of stock. Can you do something about this?

Can I buy from your online store even if I don't have a food business?

Do you also customize or print?

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How can I pay for my purchases?

Do you accept small orders?

Do I need to create an account?

How can I be sure that paying with my credit or debit card is safe?

What exactly is PCI DSS compliance?

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I'm not from Metro Manila. Can I still order from you?

How quickly can I get my order?

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How do I return a product?

Can I be your supplier?

How can I be notified if you have promos?

Who designed your website?