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Plastic Sauce Cup 3.5 oz (104 ml) - White

Plastic Sauce Cup 3.5 oz (104 ml)

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White - 50 pcs: ₱1.001/pc
White - 500 pcs: ₱0.829/pc
White - 1,000 pcs: ₱0.679/pc
White (Budget) - 50 pcs: ₱0.767/pc
White (Budget) - 500 pcs: ₱0.635/pc
White (Budget) - 1,000 pcs: ₱0.521/pc

Extra-large size sauce cup that can hold a 7-tablespoon serving of gravy or other sauces. This can also be used for small side dish servings like salads, mashed potatoes, etc.

Lids are sold separately.

White (Budget) lid will only fit in White (Budget) sauce cup, and vice versa.

Dimensions: 7.2 cm (diameter) x 4.9 cm (height)