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Garbage Bag (Black) - S, M, L, XL, XXL (10 pcs/20 pcs)
Zedco Garbage with Tie
Biodegradable Garbage Bag With Tie (Black) - (All Sizes 20 Pcs/10 Pcs) Bags
Zedco Garbage Bag S
Zedco Garbage Bag M
Zedco Garbage Bag L
Zedco Garbage Bag XL
Zedco Garbage Bag XXL

Garbage Bag (Black) - S, M, L, XL, XXL (10 pcs/20 pcs)

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These garbage bags are biodegradable and made of HDPE for better strength and durability. They are more tear and puncture-resistant compared to LDPE. With a built-in tie, full bags can be closed easily. The garbage bags are also packed in rolls for better access and mess-free storage, as well as machine counted to ensure correct quantity per roll.

Prices per piece

Small: ₱1.150/pc

Medium: ₱2.050/pc

Large: ₱3.300/pc

Extra Large: ₱4.600/pc

Extra Extra Large: ₱6.200/pc


Small: 18" (w) x 20" (l)

Medium: 22" (w) x 24" (l)

Large: 26" (w) x 32" (l)

Extra Large: 30" (w) x 37" (l)

Extra Extra Large: 37" (w) x 40" (l)