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Garbage Bag (Black) - S, M, L, XL, XXL (500 pcs)
Zedco Garbage Bag with Tie
Biodegradable Garbage Bag With Tie (Black) - (All Sizes 500 Pcs) Bags
Zedco Garbage Bag S
Zedco Garbage Bag M
Zedco Garbage Bag L
Zedco Garbage Bag XL
Zedco Garbage Bag XXL

Garbage Bag (Black) - S, M, L, XL, XXL (500 pcs)

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These garbage bags are biodegradable and made of HDPE for better strength and durability. They are more tear and puncture-resistant compared to LDPE. With a built-in tie, full bags can be closed easily. The garbage bags are also packed in rolls for better access and mess-free storage, as well as machine counted to ensure correct quantity per roll.

Small and Medium sizes are packed by 20s. Large, Extra Large, and Extra Extra Large sizes are packed by 10s.

Prices per piece

Small: ₱0.934/pc

Medium: ₱1.714/pc

Large: ₱2.764/pc

Extra Large: ₱3.852/pc

Extra Extra Large: ₱5.158/pc


Small: 18" (w) x 20" (l)

Medium: 22" (w) x 24" (l)

Large: 26" (w) x 32" (l)

Extra Large: 30" (w) x 37" (l)

Extra Extra Large: 37" (w) x 40" (l)